Our passion

Cheshire Motor Caravans (CMC) is a family run business, we started off as most of us do with old air cooled VW campers while studying at college. What started off as a hobby and passion quickly became a massive part of our lives and the 90s saw us at all the VW shows up and down the country as well as the odd foray into Europe!

The mighty T4

When the T4 Transporter came out in 1990 we quickly realised what a great bus it was and it allowed us to go camping yet drive it every day for work as well, this led to the Splitscreen camper being parked up, my golf being sold and the T4 being used as the main vehicle for all purposes. It wasnt long til I saw the first lowered T4 at a show in Germany and my mind was made up!

This was the way to go, so springs sourced and wheels fitted I had the best looking T4 around! It wasn’t long til more parts and accessories were sourced from Germany and my van was completed. It was quickly featured in Volksworld and still my proudest moment was to have the first T4 feature Van in a national VW magazine (and an air-cooled one at that!).

From there and our shop feature in the same magazine more and more people wanted bits for their T4 to make it look better and have more of the attitude that the older buses already had. So we found the parts, had the parts made and even invented parts! the rest as they say is history!

A family run business 

So today at CMC as back then if you need something for your T4/T5/T6 try us, we will always be here to help and if you have a problem, chances are over the years we have had the same one too so we might just have the product to give you a solution. Still all run by our Family if you call you will get Mike , Lucy or Bill all who are happy to help. Thanks for looking from all at CMC.